Back at one

Not too late to apologise, hopefully.

Hi, readers (pretty sure not too many yet) Apologise for the delay, for some must have visited this site and greeted by the infamous “error 500” page” or what on the internet called “The white screen of death.” I’ve tried to fix it on and off when I can for the past 2 weeks or so. Yes, it took me around 2 weeks what usually would’ve done in days. Well, I’ve been kind of busy with the outside world. *busy guarding own heart* *please_ignore_it* However it may be, trust me, my heart and mind constantly being reminded by the death of all of my writings on this blog. And also.., her. Arghh. *$%£@!!

After hours of sleepless nights scouring the internet, forums, and blogs looking for answers. Finally found the cause of it, an update for a cache plugin. It causing error everywhere from the back-end until the front-end. Luckily, I had backups available dated latest on 20th September, so my latest post was there. ^relieves* Never underestimate the importance of backups in everything, including your hearts and feelings? ^eye_rolling*

Learning something

Okay, back on track. I tried to delete it, clean install it, dropping databases too many to count. Those scary screens were still there, haunting. Afterwards, I decided to switch to a different host site. Now the blog should run faster since the server is in Singapore. Thanks, SiteGround! Anyways, after moving the domain, the headache didn’t stop there, it somehow still causing errors even after automatic install on the hosting site. ^Hair_plucks* I think it is because my DNS still run on Cloudflare site. Well, tried everything and fresh install it, again, and here we are, testing my newest post.

I don’t want to share anything at the moment, just testing the blog, and everything else’s still ongoing progress. Besides, I already passed and ignoring all warning signs along the way. Ha! Let me share you another nice song to listen to. A slow acoustic song off course doesn’t like trance even the “chill out” version. Agree to disagree, songs are personal preferences. No need to get angry over it. Anyways, this song comes with great and beautiful lyrics. (dedicated to someone?) Try and listen to it while you can. It is a song from Jesse Ruben“This is why I need you.” Here goes the lyrics, just click play when you ready, okay?

Jesse Ruben This is why I need you

©Jesse Ruben, 2015, all rights reserved.

‘Till we meet again.

See you guys with new posts, thankfully, still at the same place.

And good morning to you too. *Smiling*

Hajars, October 10th, 2016

Downfall so it begins people are rather funny feature image

Untitled for now

women drink wine in couch until drunk asleep

Let’s Drunk

feet pictures from changes post

A brave old world

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