Pindah ke lain hati memang sulit kalau lain domain bisa

One thought occurred to me recently… In order to evolve into bigger things await ahead, as my self-learning web skills increased, I need to move away from a personal blog that still using a personal name as its domain! Consequently, I need a new name! Therefore, to streamline it later with social media. I chose the name of Bermainhati although it’s still temporary redirects to the old hajarsusanto However, as I’m also planning to moves all my domain and hosting to a hosting site in Indonesia, apparently I still have a couple of months or so on the old hosting site. It just seems wasteful if I do the transfer now, so let’s do it one step at a time, baby steps.

Why that name? I recently acquired an Instagram account for fun in creating bad memes about heartbreaks and never-ending self-wallowing pity. I know, the new name will conflict with my snobbish English posts! However, cannot be argued that the name bermainhati seamlessly parallel with the contents. Thus, one problem at a time, we cross that bridge when we come to it. But, for now? without further ado. Please type into your browser the address of and voilà! you landed here.

Hell0 world!

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