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Remember, remember

Today is September 25, 2017. Rarely I begin a post with a song that plays automatically, some says it’s bad for SEO, others tell that is just plain annoying. Nonetheless, It’s a kewl song by a talented Aussie singer/songwriter artist Angus Dawson. Check him out. The slow build tonal, the pure desperation in the lyrics says all the lingering mood that happened today.

Life can hand down anything to you, some you’re surprised, then at times, you welcomed it or just quickly run away and find some crawl to hide out. It is one classic story that seems repeating like a broken record, I thought, I would not leave myself in this type of situation again. But, life has a funny way of telling you, in ur face brah! Ha. It almost tastes bittersweet, like a nugget banana that is currently trending in Go-Food menu.

A quick warning before continuing though, you’re probably going to get a headache reading this one. It’s as blurry and hazy post like raining in a car equipped with a single wiper. It will be so obscure & be hiding plenty of the details. Remember, like always.., should you or a member of your teams got caught up in carried away feelings or baper. The secretary of baper’s department will disavow your actions. Good luck reading.

People vs People

People are disappointing; ironically it’s always the one you are the most that hurt the most. Constant mix feelings on an old lesson on forgiving, thou’ shall not forget. It merely a product of Karma when apparently, in the beginning, some of us ignored all the wrong ways sign and do-not-enter warnings. Though, here we are, still entering anyway. Ha!.

Every time I leave
It keeps getting easier
To walk away from you

You always want to point the finger at someone when you’re emotional. The injustice is causing anyone’s mad. Everyone plays little parts a game of hiding and seek brutally combined with a tag game. Moving on, then somehow someone betrays your trust. IMO, everyone has rights to feel some emotions. It’s a game of commitment after all. This game is just such lose-lose device, and it will not going to end well for everyone, Somebody’s must hurting for the others to go on. And the key person must be willing to judge and execute the law fair and square. Even it sounds harsh. Then again, you cannot have two winners in a game, right?


Just when everything seems to settle smoothly, who would’ve thought & figures? You think you’re standing ten foot tall, something beating you down humbly to the ground again. Pain.., as painful as it is. It always reminds that you’re living. Still, won’t hurt to numbs the pain a bit.

So whose fault is it anyway? *cue Wayne Brady smiling* like the TV show. But when you got f*cked (pardon moi french), again it’s the same feelings on repeat. Now, should we blame yourself for even participating? Or you feel the need to stand up and says “wait a minute; this doesn’t make any sense, right? Why me and what the hell am I doing wrong? Sometimes, there is just no correct answer on this one.

Sometimes we all got a bit of tingling “spidey-sense” towards something happening, and next you’ll say in an “X-Files” deep voice from the start that something is going to happen awfully like this & that. Alas! I suppose one could wish those predictions skill could work on Football betting parlays. Then who listens? Grown-ups should be held accountable for their accords. Why should we feel so wrong about the things we didn’t even do wrong? Also in the eye of local laws & regulations or settling in court.

I swear you make no sense,
But you keep on talking out

Nobodys perfect for this kind of things. We all have our fault to contribute. However, we need to learn to sound our voice loud when required to be heard. Next, which is the most important thing but the most difficult part to do is.., we all need to learn to listen.

Would you listen to me?
Would you listen to me now?

-Sitting in the corner of unknown familiars-

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Watching people

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Bicara Cinta

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