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When was 2017?

An answer to a simple question as time keeps flowing forward without seeming to care typically is the same; Life is one daring adventure and collection of satire stories to tell. As I was pondering more, it felt like I have been a blessed but also blighted year. As one chapter moving on to the next. Profoundly humbled by the experiences and amazed by what life has more to teach. A necessity to grow much wiser and always learns to compromise.

I found a sanctum in the most peculiar place, an audacious significant-other that could colour blank pages with the turning plots of Danielle Steel‘s rom-com novels. In the beginning, a humbling experience knocks my knees. Nevertheless, it follows with stories filled with laughter, melancholy, anger, lust, emotion, spoiling and virtually any adjective could apply to describe it. Afterall, we couldn’t smile without all the sweats and tears. It’s affecting two-sides | duality in everything that matters in life. The essential thing about being human.

A dramedy-like soap opera unfolds. Plato describes it all too well in “The Symposium” dialogues-type account where philosopher Socrates, Political figure Alcibiades and the comic playwright Aristophanes gathered in a banquet to commemorate the God of love and desire, Eros. They all drank wine and begun to say or do things they wouldn’t share when sober. They speak frankly, take risks, and inspires speeches that sincere yet noble. More lesson to learn from Greek tragedy.


Next, all the roads then lead to now. I neglected great responsibilities and gradually strayed away. History keeps on repeating itself; It seems innocent enough to look the other way when something bad happens, even though I could not fathom ‘till now, hence raking with guilt and ashamed inside. Nonetheless, there’s not much that could be done to undo past errors except by getting it much worse than it is.


Moving on, the human instinct to deceive others perhaps looks such a simple concept in a society that such frail human could not just act according to the strict social norm. I’m getting tired allowing pointless disappointment after another. Is the standard held too high? Expecting everyone’s to work fair towards each other or is it just people’s nature that always let you down?

What’s next, the unwritten and how we write it.

Down & depressed by the untwined twisted narratives. Never before I felt such loss in the deep ocean underneath without an oxygen tank. Just stay on drifting into the uncharted water. Delicate as it may feel life surely still has something more in its sleeves this year to teach about differences in point of view, delve storytelling and constant shifting sides. Guided me to new wisdom. Because, if this is not humiliating, I don’t know what else the word for it.

I watched Julia Louis Dreyfus and her ex-co-star Jerry Seinfeld recently on Netflix’s “Comedians in cars getting coffee.” It is a show about.., well.., it’s kinda self-explanatory. The title is exactly what you expected. Anyways, She said that her mom once told her; “In terms of happiness, you always have to have something to look forward to.”

“In terms of happiness, you always have to have something to look forward to.”

She continued; “It can be a minor thing, or it can be a significant thing, you always have to have something you’re looking forward to next.”

Seinfeld replied; “Well, what are you looking forward to right now?”

Julia answered cheekily: “Getting the hell out of this car.” 

They both laugh hard at it and drove into the sunset, fade out.

What’s next?

It is so right, IMHO. Happiness comes in different sizes some small, some big. But it is incompatible with everyone. Not all sizes fit. We just have to ask ourselves and must actively seek out our own version of being happy, no matter how small it is yet it could possibly be significant happiness in life. The first step on this journey, sometimes we have to be brave enough to look on your own. Either that or just be what I do, always waiting anxiously looking forward to my own kind of little but sporadic bundle moments of joy. Next, soon perhaps. Who cares?

Spectacular Spiderman comic cover the end of an era
Spectacular Spiderman comic cover the end of an era (Personal copy)
The pursuit of Happiness

This is it. The next chapter, the new green leaf in snowy winter, the unpaved road with nothing but an empty sight in kilometres. It’s the tipping point that either breaks the pencil or make it writing more. The beginning of a new era. It is just like when Peter Parker decided to put away his costume just being together with Mary Jane, and Scarlet-Spider continuing Peter’s responsibility to fight all the injustice in the world. #Spiderman

An ignorant guy amidst high expectations around him, which beg to question; “Where is the Supreme-being in all of this?” I guess we decide our own path, relying upon no one but ourselves, formulating his own destination. No illusion of “invisible forces” guiding a way. “Hey, I’m just being agnostically-pragmatic here.”

An ex-CEO of Microsoft Indonesia once said in a vague coaching-seminar; “Don’t start anything from zero.” “And ‘it’s true, some does succeed, but how many percents?” “We should start by utilising and emphasising what we already have, it could be from our parents, our network of friends, our surrounding so on. Just make things from there.” Don’t start from nothing.”

“Don’t start anything from nothing.”

Agree to disagree

I kinda agreed with that statement. What’s wrong with having something advantageous to help? We’re not all saints and martyrs or geniuses who throw away everything and single-handedly conquer the world. Or if somehow someone decided to go alone anyway while saying; “F-that I’m doing things my own way!” with mighty-spirits attitude and full-on charge ahead. Then. bite on it, and never-ever return without accomplishment, it’s a risk of deliberately taking the high road (intended pun) rather than the ugly way.

However, everyone entitled to see it their own ways. Remember, every human being unique. Comes from a vastly different background, customaries, and so on. There’s always something that people have, wanted by another.

We’re all on this journey together, many people have eternal-flames burning through inside their bellies that coincide with their action. Hardworking bees in the same bee-hives join together by millions with the same heat, admittedly, with a different destination. Sincerely hoping to maximise all potential in this really short-amount of a lifetime, in order to taste the sweet fruits from sweats.

Final say

True, sweats don’t lie. nothing denied results from hard work and so many efforts. However, we need to play it smart, strategic and wise. Why follow if we could dig the fruits yourself through another means? Perhaps, it is right that the roads are indeed winding with slopes and stones. However it may come, I prefer not to worry much about the destination ahead. And keeps moving forward while also smelling the roses and enjoying the sceneries along the way. If somehow my time’s is up before I could reach my end destination, at least I’ll go with a light heart, happy steps and a smile on my face. Knowing that I enjoyed every minute and every second every bit of that journey. In life, it is the journey that matters and not the destination. *Hi-fiving* 👋


-Jaar maybe will add later, no rush at all-

Early January 2018

A feature cover mockup new year party invitation written OH, HI THERE 2018
Hi, 2018 – Be HUMBLE.

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Ramadan 2016

Work in Progress

Hulu Casual

Looking for: ‘Casual’

this is why i need you feature jesse ruben butuh kamu

Back at one

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