Handle with care

 “Come take my heart of glass
And give me your love
I hope you’ll still be there
To pick the pieces up
Cause baby I’m fragile, fragile, fragile’
Cause baby I’m fragile, fragile, fragile’ 

-Kygo feat. Labrinth-

A Pity Party

Sometimes we all wondering, what is it that makes us, a human? Sure we all come from billions of DNA sequences, almost completely different from one another. However, the mystery lies in our brain and our capabilities to feel the way we sometimes felt. Some chemical chain reactions that dictate how we feel at a certain moment at a time.

I will not enter into philosophical questions and debates. Always contemplating things and struggling with thoughts during the heydey youth of my 20’s. Always endlessly searching for an answer. (and somehow wrote it on the Internet afterwards)

However, we all have to admit that sometimes we have different ways to interpret things and choose which one we more comfortable. Agree to disagree.

Nevertheless, we all agreed that human felt things, things so intense that it forces you just to stop and listen to it (The force is sometimes strong with us young Padawan). 

At that entire moment, you could just feel you’re sad, happy, honest, confuse, dislike yourself and feeling content and all other feelings rushing through your thought at an instant at one moment.

Afterwards, you’re feeling pity and sorry for yourself, are you that broken inside that you confident that you needed a fix? Some thin rope just to hold on? Consequently, could you just accept who you are and that we all after all just a human being with flaws?

Being Human is not a crime

What more that makes us human other than that we all sometimes feel delicate? Just cuts and shards of little pieces. We need some honest justification to clench and hold it all together so we could feel like a whole again.

Embracing oneself and accepting those inherent flaws and imperfectness is one step closer to being honest with our self. Moreover, I believe that all humans on this little blue planet are equal, that we all have the right to feel what we feel. We all have rights to have beliefs, faiths, trusts, opinions that matter, and even, sometimes just feeling a bit breakable? Feeling afraid of being different with what our norms conform and accept. As painful as it is to accept others differences with what typically the societies tell us.

This moment, tonight, as it just happens, I tried to be candid and willingly expose myself, what usually just kept in the dark corner spot of the heart and always covering it with a big grin on the face, truth always begin with a little honesty, even though Dr. House once said that “everybody lies it is just because we cannot predict what will happen next, and the constant need to always protect our self-first.., and as I bare myself further and furthermore, I really can’t help but to realise, that tonight I’m feeling,  well.., a bit fragile?

Que sera, sera.

-Hajars, on a typical Tuesday morning May, 3 rd 2016-


© Kygo, 2016, all rights reserved

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  • I really like reading through an article that will make people think.

    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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