So(me)thing changes

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something change background story

Now and then, people asked me; Why only writes in English? How about writing in Indonesian? To answer the question, allow me to tell you a background story. I’m almost sure that nobody wants to hear it. ?? In any case, please, bear with me for a moment.

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

I was born and brought up in Jakarta, Indonesia. An archipelago country in far east Asia stretches between Indian and the Pacific Ocean far from everywhere. Thankfully, I have the opportunities to see different parts of the world from relatively young age. Including experiences living abroad for a couple of years. Nowadays, I still manage to escapes once in a while. Although, I spend most of the time, home in Jakarta.

My parents said when I was young; I started to read and repeating words in newspapers and magazines at an early age of four. Perhaps, their initial thought was their son is such a boy wonder. Who would’ve known, that same boy grew up to be such a letdown. Ha! 😀

My childhood reminiscence of me being sick and fell so many times, further proving that I’m not going to run the marathon anytime soon. And next, it was evident straight away from my grades at school,  that I’m not going to change the world in any way. However, I was able to keep up average rankings, by being better in language subjects and most of the times, suck at science or anything with numbers. In short, just a weak plain-looking nerd. ????

  • School of Mocks

Throughout my rebellious teenage years of high school, as fate would have it, my school have a language major. At that time, the standard curriculum was either science or social study. My school was the only school in the district to have a language class. It covered various subjects such as; English and Indonesian grammar, English and Indonesian literature, beginner level of German and French, cultural history. It just so happens that math was only taught in my class once a week (reviewing past studies as a compulsory subject on final exam)

Furthermore, during college. I was able to decide whichever subject studies I wanted. At that time, I thought I wouldn’t survive in areas of study such as; medical, science, engineering, architecture, economic, and so on. Thus, I chose what I thought I could do best, Communication and Media Studies.

Lately, I was wondering, why I’m not even considering taking law school back then? It suddenly makes sense considering that; I’m always OCD perfecting words in writing, like to read almost any pieces of information, sometimes memorising random, clueless facts. Moreover, I think of myself, easy-going enough to handle any type of social situation (albeit not always willingly) I’m also admittedly a talkative person and somewhat good at making a compelling and persuasive argument. Then, I remembered what my father says; “Lawyers and Lawmakers in Indonesia are just a bunch of blood-suckers that bleed other people misfortunes until it’s dry.” “Would you want to make your money, that way?

  • Lost in translation

Soon afterwards, I went and enrolled a Master’s degree in London, UK. During my time there, I must revisit all of my English grammar lessons and learned academic writing skills on a post-graduate level. Consequently, in academic writing, we must present facts and figures entirely and avoid writing personal statements. Most importantly, always cite your sources when quoting, paraphrasing, or summarising to ruled out plagiarism. Also, with essays, we have to think of points to argue, and other points to concede those arguments, then compelled to write a conclusion which sums up our writings.

To sum up, after spending a considerable amount of time in studies, lectures, seminars, group work, presentations, and et cetera. I find my comfort in a familiar environment and being accustomed to writing in English. I felt I could be more expressive in communicating my point across with my writings. And more, many expressions, idioms, words and sayings are seldom get lost in translation between English and Indonesian, and vice versa.

There are no limitations on how far you imagine in creative writing. Nevertheless, it is widely believed, that you need to be good at constructive, basic academic writing to be good at creative writing.

So here it is, by popular demand; well, actually not that popular, just a couple and one of them is a guy-friend of mine. Let’s start thinking and let the idea juice flowing and start creating compelling content in Indonesian. Hopes it work!

 To be continued to: Juragan Meme

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