Bermain HATI
Asal #Mainkata
Semua tukang bubur itu dulunya adalah tukang nasi
bigolive live streaming app

Watching people

I love observing people’s behaviour and how they interact with each other. I always find human nature is intriguing, complicated and quite simple at the…

Ramadan 2016

Work in Progress

This month, let say it’s an obsession or merely hysteria. In an effort of always trying and looking for some better things to do, I have experimented with new..

Would you light me up - ciaran lavery shame

Would you light me up?

In an interview with Genius, Ciaran Lavery described “Shame” as, A very simple song based on the expectations and fear that come with meeting someone new

people finder talking about dating app

The people finder

A few straightaways noticeable differences today in dating app like Tinder. We are now in the world full of selfies and beautify apps. You could all look like..

Hulu Casual

Looking for ‘Casual’

Casual, an original programming by Hulu and a Golden Globe-nominated series. It is a satire comedy look at how modern people interact while struggling to…

all u need is love unsplash

A story of boy meets girl

I guess what people say is right, men (or women) tend to over-analyse and a selective when finding their life partner as they mature with age. Because…