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  • Simply human

I love observing people’s behaviour and how they interact with each other. I always find human nature is intriguing, complicated and quite simple at the same time. A person still sees the needs to socialise. And some people found socialising awkward and doing the best they can in any given situation. Meanwhile, others are just born as social bees, glides through from one interaction to the next. However, there are also people who just anti-social and that they slightly left alone inside their world.

  • Freudian theory

According to Sigmund Freud, human psyche had more than one aspect and structured into three parts; Id, Ego, and Super-ego. Anyhow, not going to psycho-babble into it too much, google it. Nevertheless, let summarise it to understand better what written in the coming paragraphs;

– The id

The id is the most primitive and instinctive part of personality, and it is our fight-or-flight response. Indeed, it is an automatic and unconscious part. It is the most basic instincts based on pleasure principle which demands immediate satisfaction with no consideration for the situation really.

– The Ego

Develops to mediate between the unrealistic id and the real external world, operates according to the reality principle and considers social realities, norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave. However, The ego has no concept of right or wrong and only working out realistic ways of satisfying the id’s demands without negative consequences for society.

– The Super-ego

Incorporates all the values and morals of society which developed and learned from our parents and the immediate social environment. It consists of two systems; the conscience and the ideal self. In brief, the conscience can punish the ego through feelings of guilt. And the perfect self is an imaginary picture of how you want to perceive yourself and how to treat people and behave as a functional member of society.

McLeod, S. A. (2016). Id, Ego and Superego.

People love to watch other people since the beginning of civilisation. There are two types of instinctive responses, which is; sex instinct or eros and the aggressive (death) instinct Thanatos.

Thanatos most original illustration is how people are watching a fight. From gladiator era to the modern sport of boxing. People find misery, suffering, and torment are a terrible thing, yet they still captivated by it. The most straightforward example of this is how people behave in road accidents. People tend to slow curiously down and see what happened, although sometimes the imagery could be upsetting to see. Still, people love to look at suffering and empathise with it.

Eros, which contains the libido, is our most primal sexually needs. Enjoying watching an act of voyeurism is a kind of sexual satisfaction and achievement. Especially watching women as an object of sexual desire and symbol. It is the main reason for strip-clubs to exist.

  • Welcome to broadcast live streaming app

I recently come across a new social media app, BIG OLIVE. It is a live broadcast mobile streaming app that is quickly trending and gaining traction. Every user could essentially become a VJ and broadcast live with real-time chat interaction. It is a start-up from Singapore and promptly spreading into neighbouring Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, including Indonesia.

Video blogging or Vlog and video sharing on social media is not a new platform. With the success of Periscope™ or Snapchat™. People could instantly share their personal life experiences to a network of friends.

Live streaming, where we watch media content delivered live over the internet. For instance, some of you might already know few live broadcast webcam site presented by lovely hosts, talking and take part interactively with the viewer by making conversation ranging from beauty tips to almost about everything. Correct me if I am wrong, this type of live broadcast websites are favourite in South Korea.


With BIGOLIVE, it is simple and mobile. It has virtual gifts, and bonuses feature, even real money to offers. Few apps are providing similar experiences such as V-live, a live broadcast of K-pop and K-drama stars for fan service, YouNow, Showroom, and Meerkat to name a few.

To make BIGOLIVE more attractive, it also accepted official hosts position through casting, with requirements such as x hours activity per week, with x amount of salary (will update on it). Of course, you have to look presentable in front of the camera, photogenic and make-up beauty, also need to bring your identity documentation and a bank book for an interview session.

Bigo means beans

BIGOLIVE itself offers monetary rewards for regular broadcasters in the form of “Beans” which collected from the gifts viewers sent. The more beans you get from viewers, the more popular you are. You have two options with beans, either exchange it with “Diamonds” which then can be used to send gifts to other broadcasters. Alternatively, you could withdraw cash once a week which will transfer within ten business days.

You could start cash withdraw request when your Beans are more than 6700. The current exchange rate for Beans in BIGOLIVE is 210 Beans = 1 USD (updating) However, for Diamonds to send gifts to a broadcaster, can only be bought with real money online. No wonder this app gains fast recognition. Well, If you look cute enough, then you free to talk whatever nonsense and people still watch intensely.

  • Binge-watching

After few days trial with BIGOLIVE, it tickles my psycho-analysing side, resulting in many hours of so-called keen observation. It is widely believed, that it is human nature or the id instinct to desire in becoming famous and well-known, the app kindly exploits those traits. It also suggests a form of narcissism. God knows we have too many of that kind already.

The kind of people who has the looks, the beauty, and the whole package but not necessarily have the luck to make it in the entertainment industry. It could be argued, that it is human nature for women (some men) to want to always feels beautiful and looking sexy towards other. Some women acknowledge their sexiness. As a result, they will become an objectification, beautiful women seeking attention and scream hey! Look at me, please?

On the other hand, for all the noisy and horny male-users, it seems that the app becomes such a thrill fulfilment. The live-chat feature never fails in making me laugh by reading all the comments, even succeed in making me cringe to see how shallow some men could be. These men hide cowardly within their sexist and fascist remarks, sometimes degrading comments to the hostess. No matter how open-minded you are. A few negative comments are just despicable, distasteful and shameless, and guarantee will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Rules and regulations

It appears that the app rules and guidelines will not allow any sexual or explicit content and block it. Nonetheless, when you have hundreds of broadcasters every day, in all around different countries, it is hard to keep track of everything and police everyone.

I managed to see for myself a few fun, quick flashing, body parts showing. #hooray? The key is you just have to stay patience enough in one room and notice the hostess teasing characteristic and predict how far they willing to go. It is hard when BIGOLIVE has so many places filled with lovely, fascinating, and eye-pleasing creatures to see.

What is it that makes this app so attractive to men? Even though in this modern age, you could easily satisfy your sexual pleasure by comfortably watching porn on the internet. In my opinion, it relies on curiosity in watching everyday “girl next door” kind of women, throwing and showing themselves live in front of cameras.

It also could be a form of fantasy fulfilment, by BIGOLIVE, average men could chat and talk freely to a beautiful imaginary girlfriend such as the hostess. Which, in the real world, they have zero chances even to begin a conversation with those beautiful women. It amuses me, how some men just straightaway angry when the female host is always teasing and not showing enough, waiting for the hostess to open their clothes willingly exposing their intimate body parts. The never-ending men obsession with female breasts.

  • Just a regular viewer

As a healthy and normal person, I admit to spending my time staring all those beautiful chiselled appearances hostesses and never cease to amaze the wonder of new make-up effect on women. I could be admiring for hours without even blinking or need to hear them say anything. However, what bores me to death is how all the comments are very predictable. It is bordering annoying; I am sure it is tiring for the hostess to answer the same brainless, primitive comments, such as these;

  • “would you be my girlfriend?” (a sign of desperate, lonely single from birth men)
  • “What is your Instagram/line/BBM pin” (you guys think you could score them that quickly? dream on)
  • “Where are you?” (like they would willingly open their doors to bunch of lustful raping men)
  • “How much to have sex with you” (yeah, like you could afford it anyway)
  • “I want to <insert inappropriate gesture> your <insert female body parts>” (Go to the bathroom already)
  • Moreover, the classic and most often written; “Please open or take off your clothes.”

The hostess, most of the time, only sarcastically replying to these comments, which they can mute whatever nasty comment written in the chat. Gosh, we know we (men) all think alike. Please do not say it out loud and embarrass yourself in public like an idiot. Most men tend not to realise that women are not just an object and could feel offended by all the childish libido-driven comments. However, the hostess should know the risks already; otherwise, they will not willingly broadcast in the first place.

Most of the women at BIGOLIVE noticeable fall within certain categories, such as:

  • The Skuters (Selebriti kurang terkenal) (C-list celebrities)
  • The Instagram celebrities and endorsers hoping to gain new followers
  • The long list of sexy female DJ’s
  • The nightlife industries working women (or so I assumed)
  • The fun-seeker luxurious women without the ability to work by depending on someone sponsoring them
  • The free-spirited, YOLO type, I do not have any care in the world personality
  • The single parent, or in relationship with boyfriends or husbands and regular women scoring 5-6
  • IMHO

I do not want to advertise particular hostess by screen capping them; you could see and try the app yourself. Also, this post is not affiliated in any ways with the app provider and most certainly, not to offend anyone for that matter. It is merely a simple observation insight into human behaviour. Accordingly, few of them shows real talent and abilities to sing, dance, play instrument, etiir21. It is such a shame to see those potential buried and covered by men and women seeking to gain personal satisfaction. In conclusion, viewers discretion advised. People would behave almost anything in front of a camera. In other words, enjoy watching people. ????

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