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And so it is… Just like you said it would be.

It’s another journey through the deepness of the night. It started with a rare kind of eclipse of #Bluemoon / #Bloodmoon / #Supermoon (not sailor moon tho’) It’s a total lunar eclipse phenomenon. Is it the first Blue Moon total eclipse in 150 years, as some social media are now claiming? It is… if you’re not considering the whole world, but only the Americas. How about supermoon total lunar eclipses? The last supermoon total lunar eclipse was in September 2015. And the previous super Blue Moon total eclipse happened on December 30, 1982. I guess, super also has their differences. And of course yes, even Super (just a moon) has the right to bleed. It’s not easy.

Anyways, enough about those moons. I admitted I acted silly playing as Hiro Nakamura for a while standing towards the eclipse (Heroes fans anyone?) But seriously why are no Superheroes showing up in many parts of the world? I guess I lost that faith since Chernobyl also didn’t produce any superheroes. Ha!

An eclipse horizontal blue moon


What I’m about to write here still relevant with those moons or at least one of those monthly periods temper. It’s called the circling planet of trust. It’s a fragile thing and must always handle with care. Because trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. It is not a matter of technique, tricks, or tools but character.

It is hard to have a web of trust when it was built on lies, deception and so-called white lies. In my opinion, white lies still count as lies. Is it just a matter of whose the white lies really for?  Benefits of the person being lied to? Or just because it’s beneficial also for the liar makes it all okay? Because it’s so convenient when you thought you do it for an entirely different reason, but in reality, it’s just another selfish act of self-preservation.

Consequently, then it begs the question: Did meself never lies? Hell, no! its impossible to pull on straight truths all the time, I’m no Son of God. However It’s just so fundamental in human traits, it’s ingrained well with our DNA. Thus, to answer the questions, of course, we all have done it. However, I tried to minimise the unnecessary lies as many as humanly could and without any party being hurt because of it. I prefer to call it a little truth-bending word-play for peace.

Everybody Lies,

Who would’ve thought that quoting House, M.D. still valid ‘till today? His wisdom transcends as long as human existence. Moreover, he follows through with this quote: that its an essential truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable that is what.”

The thing  I always uphold the most is to have a little decency and sense of honesty and willingness to share hence trust others. Perhaps it couldn’t be applied to a business deal, or when loaning your money to someone. Eitherways, I always find myself always ended up being awkwardly alone with disappointment. That’s what you will get if you decided ever to put your trust in other human being hoping they will act accordingly the same.

I’ve put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
For all this
There’s only one thing you should know

Some people are rather funny. They for all intent and purpose deliberately withhold information and not sharing it with someone with a firm reason that somehow justified terrifies imagination aggression. But, never stop a while to imagine what the other party might feels. Perhaps nobody at faults here. It is just a matter of a glass-half-full | half-empty way of looking through something. But damn it still stings anyway.

Enough playing mother Theresa, I could be a CLASS motherf**ker but choose not TO.

Whenever I need to write on the internet. I always try to adhere all the faux-social rules. Just write ambiguously enough without mentioning anyone or any event in my life and avoiding any libels or legal thing in my uncertain future as internet copywriter. However, as of this moment, I’m tired of giving a f*ck. So yeah, F*ck you Mr Bp in East Jakarta. *middle finger* I don’t know why I care anyway, it’s not like he’s going to understand any words of my writings without G**gle translate anyways you dimwit illiterate F*ckin political pawns of nothing piece of sh*ts! Oh YEAH, one more shout-out to a Mr nobody of f*ckin corrupt *ssh*le  uniformed people servant, that I don’t even know who the hell are you anyway? just some a speck of dust in my shoes because you do not literally matter at all. Yeah, F* you too. I hope u get sweeps by some special teams and get your sorry a**,  e*t sh*ts and just die already will ya’

Glad that’s out of my chest. However, now I’m beginning to see the screen in doubles and mumbling incoherent words. Probably because of the lack of oxygen in my brain from sleep-deprived. Let me finish this here, and I’ll try to get back soon enough with some more writings to finish up this post eloquently. Yeah, that’s right… My vocabulary and grammar are way better over yours anytime. So don’t pretend to read on it, Amigos, Comprende?

So what’s the matter with you?
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