A Secret Garden (Poem)

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A Secret Garden poem

Hey, there come take a look
It’s quiet because of no one,
down the path it took.
It stillness so unspoken,
we almost could hear the ocean

A seamless feel of space and time
Nothing ahead, cloud beyond the sky
Luscious trees all yet to climb
Caress the wind breeze so high

”Beautiful isn’t?”
Said the one wearing a hat
Undoubtedly, plenty keen to visit
But all here before, now out of sight
No concern at all, we merely invite
Silence stood there, upon looking sad

The colours of flowers all mesmerising
Like the smell of dew in the morning
Bless, not thinking about all things

Look once more so not to forget
Dreaming of it every time lying in bed
Without worries, and certainly no regrets

”Let’s stay here,” we should”
Said the one wearing a hat
Please, just try and be good

No matter how we couldn’t keep it
The answer is simple, it is a secret


-Hajars | 6 Jul 2018-

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secret garden poem

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