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“This is me. Hope there’s a match for me in this world. Maybe not but what’s the harm in trying? I’m guarded, private, and hidden behind the expressions on my face. Basically just like everybody else. Afraid to send a message? Good. So am I. Not because you might not respond, but then what do I say if you do? Will the random collection of recycled atoms that make up my brain and body connect to yours? And if they don’t, will it even matter?

Most people go through life alone, whether they know it or not. If those people could just find each other maybe they’d live a little better. I don’t know who you are but if you’ve read this far that counts for something. Maybe we’ve crossed paths before and didn’t know it. Maybe I knew you in another life. Whatever the case, send me a message and let’s find out if there’s another version of this universe where the two of us have someone to say hello to when our eyes open in the morning.”@colealexander / Snooger.com

A Hulu casual TV

A fictional dating site bio on TV series, Casual. Hulu‘s aggressive moves in original programming. In comparison with Netflix, who already reaching 75 million active subscribers. (including internationally) Hulu recent customer counts 9 million subscribers according to data released as of a year ago. (tv.com) It is widely believed that streaming TV continues gaining momentum. Even more, how it will presumably be the only TV distribution that our grandsons & daughters will know in the future, they will amaze how you would watch it otherwise.

Casual, an original programming by Hulu and a Golden Globe-nominated series. It is a satire comedy look at how modern people interact while struggling to balance work, families and relationships.

The stories centred around a bachelor brother name Alex (Tommy Dewey) and his newly divorced sister, Valerie (Michaela Watkins) ended up living under one roof again. They find themselves teaching one another navigating through the crazy world of dating as well as raising a teenage daughter, Laura (Tara Lynne Barr).

Alexander Cole, Valerie’s younger brother, is a co-founder of a fictional popular dating site called Snooger.com. A bachelor with personal insecurities always sees human relationships based on algorithm and data matches. A pessimistic in the old ways of dating, according to him, nobody will tell the truth about their dating profile. On one of the episode, he was masterfully tweaking an online bio that will match a lot of hot women on the site, thus, creating ‘the perfect profile’. Here are snippets of his conversation with a size plus female bartender and a power-blogger that wrote an article about him;

Alex: “The Shawshank Redemption?” “statistically, the most-liked and least-controversial movie among women ages 21 to 45. It is an Oscar nominee, shows that I have sophisticated but accessible taste.”

Bartender: “So, what would happen if you filled your profile with real answers?” “

Alex: “Wouldn’t work, I tried it. I answered every question honestly, set the match parameter to 100%, and it sat there for two years. No matches. Know how many matches I got the day I put this up? 2,640.”

The Characters

Valerie Cole, A successful shrink who was after divorcing her husband after finding him in bed with a younger woman, finds herself and her teenage 16 years old daughter Laura, staying in her brother’s home.

Just feeling compelled to try to get back in the dating world, but always finds herself in awkward situations and shocking experiences after her 17 years of marriage. A few one-night stand mishaps and an exciting story with 20’s something bartender. She always finds herself constantly trying to update herself and adjusted to the modern world of dating.

Laura Cole, a 16-year-old sexually active teenage girl who was always seeking for attention. She caught by her uncle early on one of the episodes having intercourse on a hot tub with her boyfriend.

She always has an understanding family and her quirky but caring mum Valerie and her best friend Uncle Alex. Like all teenage girls in the world, will not always seeing eye-to-eye with her mum, and that including her photography teacher at the school.

The three of them, now living under the same roof, shared laugh, sadness and joy together. Mostly because Alex and Valerie had stories growing up with traumatic childhood raised by their free-spirited parents who somehow mirrored and shaped the brother & sister on how they become adults and how their stories continue to unfold.

Be advised, it is streaming TV, so all bets are off. It will be racier than your average television. However, is it worth it to binge-watch the entire ten episodes of season 1? the answer is YES.

Traditional VS all at once

Hulu is one of streaming provider who stick on a regular weekly programming format. Comparing to Netflix, which, could be argued has success in shattering how we watch television by providing all seasons episodes in one release.

(Who watches the entire season in one sitting? Well, that list would include me ??) Casual Season 2 première on June 7, but if you can’t wait, you can binge all the season 1 now available on Hulu-Plus.*

*Hulu streaming need a Hulu-Plus active subscription account with a US-based address and US issued only credit card / PayPal.

*But then again, this is the internet, nobody can exactly stop you, who can always come up with means, right?

*Will elaborate more and try to update this post again. updated.

Hajars Monday, May 30th, 2016.

casual cast
From left to right: Tara Lynne Barr as Laura Meyers, Tommy Dewey as Alex Cole, and Michaela Watkins as Valerie Meyers on Casual

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